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Tropospheric CO and O3 evaluation

This service provides evaluation of MACC simulations against MOPITT CO data and surface CO and O3 observations from EMEP and NOAA-GMD. The evaluation with MOPITT is performed over 8 selected regions indicated by blue boxes.

1: Europe

5: South Africa

2: Alaska Fires

6: South Asia

3: Siberian Fires

7: East Asia

4: North Africa

8: US

Data sets:

MOPITTv3: monthly mean v3 data
MOPITTv4: monthly mean v4 data
MACC_rean: MACC reanalysis with exp. id fbov
GEMS_rean: GEMS reanalysis with exp. id f026
MOZ_SA: MOZART 3 stand alone run (similar to MACC_rean but without assimilation)

Selected regions for the evaluation

GEMS regions